KVBC 2017/2018 FAQ's.

Before reviewing the questions/answers below, please review the presentation from the info meeting if you weren't able to attend, as there is a lot of good info in that: KVBC Info Meeting Presentation



  • My daughter already has a commitment during tryouts.  What can we do?
    • It is definitely best if your daughter can find a way to attend the main tryout, but if that is absolutely not possible, then please email me and let me know the situation, and we will arrange a time during an open gym in early Nov at which we can evaluate players that couldn’t make it to the main tryout.
  • Can you guarantee that everyone that tries out will make a team?
    • No, we can’t make that guarantee.  We have open tryouts and everyone is welcome to tryout, but sometimes it isn’t possible to place everyone on a team.  Example 1: If we have a high number of players that tryout and end up needing more teams than we can find coaches for then obviously we wouldn’t be able to form all of the teams.  Example 2: If we have something like 14 players tryout for an age group, that is too many players for 1 team and not enough for 2 teams.  So in that case a few players may not have a spot. We will do our very best to be flexible and find solutions that would enable us to find a spot for everyone, but in some cases it will just not be possible. 
  • When will the results of tryouts be announced? 
    • For the coming 2017 season, we are expecting to have all of the teams figured out by Nov 15th.  The reason that we won't know before then is because this year we will be inviting the advanced 8th grade and younger players to try out for the 9th grade teams, and the tryouts for the 9th grade teams can't be held until the Sunday after the HS State Volleyball tournament (which is Nov 12th this year).  So the 9th grade & older tryout will happen on Nov 12th and then we will need a couple of days after that to organize all of the teams before we can send out the invitations to players for each team. 
    • Each player must make their final decision on whether to accept their spot on the team at the Player & Parent Commitment Meeting on Sunday, 11/19.
  • Why is there a fee charged just to tryout?
    • There are some small costs involved with tryouts, but we primarily charge a tryout fee so that when a family signs their daughter up for tryouts we know that they are serious & committed about playing. By charging a fee, we won’t have people sign up unless they are actually serious about playing.  Clubs (not just ours) have found in the past that if a fee isn’t charged, a lot of people will sign up, but then not show up for tryouts.  Or they will come to try outs just for the heck of it and make a team, but never really have any intention of playing.  And that makes it very difficult to plan for coaches, teams, schedules, etc…  So the short answer is that we charge a tryout fee because we only want people to try out if they are serious and willing to make the commitment, and by charging a fee (even a small fee like $15) it increases the likelihood that everyone trying out actually wants to play and has the intention of playing if they end up making a team.



  • When will we know who you've chosen to coach each team?
    • For the coming 2017 season, we are expecting to have all of the coaches figured out by Nov 15th.  We won't know how many coaches we need until after the 2nd tryout, which is on Nov 12th.  If we are able to determine the coaches for some of the teams before then, we will provide that information.
  • I will not have my daughter tryout for KVBC unless I know who the coach of each team will be before tryouts.
    • If you want to play for a club that can guarantee a certain number of teams and that can guarantee who the coach of every team will be prior to tryouts, then KVBC is not the club for you.  We form teams based on the numbers that we see at tryouts in order to be as flexible as we can for our players and to give opportunities to as many players as possible.  And this means that we have to wait until after tryouts in some cases to assign coaches becuse we don't know the number of teams or the levels that we'll have until then.



  • Why do the fees look higher this year?
    • All teams except the 13+ blue teams will actually pay about the same as last year once the krunch credit ($100) is taken into account. (The fees for 13+ blue teams did go up by $100 this year because of the extra gym time and entry fees that those teams incur.)  In the past, the fees have been shown with the krunch credit already taken out.  This year we are showing the fees without the krunch credit applied, because this year we will collect the full fees from everyone and then actually write a check back to anyone that earns the krunch credit, which is also $100 instead of $50 this year.  You can see more details on pages 7-9 of the: KVBC Info Meeting Presentation



  • My daughter is involved in another activity that is a higher priority for her than volleyball right now, and that activity starts in March or April.  We won’t get her schedule for that activity until then so it is impossible for us to make a commitment to any tournaments after March.  Does this mean that we probably shouldn’t play JO volleyball for KVBC?
    • This definitely makes it more difficult for us to form a team with those girls on it, but as long as you are very clear about what you can and cannot commit to before tryouts then we will do our best to figure out a way to make something work. One option would be to form a team that does most of their competition events in Jan – March.  If there are other girls on that team that want to continue to practice or play past March then we might be able to find a way for them to join another team’s practices or even possibly schedule a couple of tournaments with some players from a different team.  Or if there are some other players on a different team that are close to the same age and that are in a similar situation, we could try to form teams accordingly in order to provide opportunities that will work for more players.  We definitely want to give opportunities to as many girls as possible and we understand that volleyball is not going to be the top priority for everyone. We love our multi-sport athletes!  We certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from being involved in other activities and we don’t think that you should have to choose one or the other at a young age



  • My daughter is only 11 or 12 and this will be her first year of volleyball.  You said that KVBC is not a “Pay to Play” club.  Does that mean that she will end up sitting the whole time at tournaments if she isn’t good?
    • Absolutely not!  I’d encourage you to read the detailed KVBC guidelines and recommendations for playing time policies on pages 12-14 of our handbook: KVBC_handbook



  • My daughter is in 10th grade and is playing on JV or Varsity during the HS season this year.  Will you be offering teams for girls in that situation this year?
    • If enough girls in that age group tryout for us to form a 16s team then we will definitely do our best to find a coach for them!



  • When will we know the practice schedules and tournament schedules?
    • The practice schedule for each month will be created by the coach of each team with input from the player families at the beginning of each month or near the end of the previous month.  We can't get gym times from the school until then.  It is important that commitments made to a certain practice schedule are honored.
    • The tournament schedules will be created in Nov / Dec by the coach of each team with input from the player families.  It is important that any commitments made at this time are honored.



  • What is the difference between blue teams and white teams, and which teams are eligible to become blue teams?
    • Blue teams are expected to practice a bit more, go to more events, and play a slightly longer season.  If BOTH the coach of a team AND at least 8 players*** on the team are able to make the extra time commitment, then that team would have the option of designating themselves as a blue team which means they will have to pay the higher fees to cover the additional gym time, tourney fees, etc. We will do our best to match coaches that can make the extra time commitment with teams that can do so.  Keep in mind that gym time is sometimes limited in KM depending on other activities, so in order to guarantee extra practice time we may need to rent gym space at NVC in Rochester from time to time. 
    • *** Note that at the meeting I said a “majority” of the players would need to be able to make the extra time commitment in order to form a blue team.  But after some discussions with people after the meeting we realized that it would take at least 8 players on a team to make that commitment in order to guarantee effective practices and enough players at tournaments.  The presentation PDF has been modified from Sunday night to show this change also.
    • PLEASE NOTE: in the past, i'd say that about 95% of all KVBC teams have operated as what we would this year call a "White Level" team. Most teams have practiced 2-3 times every 2 weeks and played in 8-10 events. There have been just a couple of teams & coaches in the past that have been able to make a larger time commitment and that consistently practiced twice a week and/or played in a few more events. And in those cases we ended up getting some complaints from parents on the other teams saying that it wasn't fair that their daughter was paying the same fees, but getting less practice time and tournaments.  So that is why we created this new Blue / White system.  Now if we have a team and a coach that are able and willing to make a higher time commitment, we will give them the option to do so, and accordingly they will pay higher fees for the extra court time and tourney fees.  Being on a White team is NOT a negative thing.  It has nothing to do with the team level.  It just means that the time commitment and fees are a bit lower than a blue team, and on par with what the vast majority of KVBC teams have done in the past.
  • When we try out, do we have to tell you what type of team we want to try out for?  (blue vs white)
    • No, we will still form 1s and 2s teams as we have in the past and we will place players on those teams based upon their level.  Once the teams are formed, if at least 8 players on the team AND the coach are able & willing and want to make the extra time commitment & pay the extra fees to be classified as a blue team, then that is when the blue/white level would be determined.  Again, we will do our best to match coaches that can make the extra time commitment with teams that can do so.
  • What if my daughter makes a team that ends up having 8 girls on it that want to make the higher commitment and operate as a blue team, but my daughter can’t make the commitment?
    • Your daughter can still play on that team, but you would just need to inform the coaching staff of any conflicts up-front when the competition and practices schedules are being created.  It is best if everyone on the team can make an equal commitment and be at every practice and event, but obviously that isn’t always possible. What is most important is that all conflicts with potential competition events are communicated at the beginning of the season and all conflicts with practices are communicated at the beginning of each month when the practice schedules are being created.  Clearly if practices and events are being missed then that can affect playing time, so if that is a big concern then it may be worth seeing if there is a different team that may be a better fit.
  • What if my daughter only wants to play on a blue team, but she makes a team that does NOT end up having 8 girls on it that want to make the higher commitment and operate as a blue team or has a coach that can't make the commitment to coach a blue team?
    • If there isn't a coach available that can make the commitment to coach a blue team or there aren't enough players on a team able and/or willing to make the extra time commitment that it would take to operate as a blue team, but your daughter really really wants to play more volleyball than what a white team can provide, then KVBC may not be the best fit for you and you may want to consider looking into a different club in the future that can guarantee a certain practice schedule and a certain number of tournaments for you. Obviously if there is anything that we can do to provide more opportunities for those players that end up on a white team but are able and willing to make a higher time committment, then we will certainly explore all possibilities.  But we think that averaging 3 practices every 2 weeks and making it to 8-10 events in a season is a much better option than having a team that tries to commit to too much and then has a hard time having productive practices because a bunch of players are missing, or has to end up dropping out of tournaments because players couldn't make the necessary time commitment that it would take to operate as a blue team.
  • Let's say that after tryouts you selected 10 players for a 1s team and 10 players for a 2s team in the same age group.  What happens if you end up having 6 out of 10 players on the 1s team that want to make the blue level time commitment and 4 out of 10 players on the 2s team that want to make the blue level time commitment? Will you place those 10 players together on a blue team and put the other 10 players together on a white team?
    • No, we would keep the 2 teams together as originally selected by skill level unless the difference in level between the 4 players that would be moved up and the 4 players that would be moved down was negligible / insignificant.  The reason for this is because we think that it is most important to have the players with similar skill levels together on the same team as much as possible so that practices are competitive and so that the players can push each other and compete well with each other for playing time and starting positions. We think that those are critical factors in determining how much the individual players on a team will improve during a season.  In our experience, when there has been 1 or 2 players that are clearly playing at a lower level than the rest of the players on a team, those players usually don’t improve as much as they would have if they would have been on a team with more players close to their same skill level because they never really have a chance to win more playing time or starting spots.  And that is also a negative thing for the players at the higher skill level because then they don’t feel like they have to do anything to earn time and starting spots either and they may be able to get away with not giving their best in practice because they feel like there won’t be any consequences.  Therefore we feel that it would be a more productive season for everyone on the team if 10 players close to the same skill level were able to practice 3 times every 2 weeks and play 8-10 events in a season (at a white level time commitment) than it would be to have a team with 6 players that were clearly more advanced than the other 4 players, even if that team practiced a little more and played in a couple more events at a blue level time commitment.
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