The 2018 KoMet Krunch Volleyball tournament is March 10th & 11th, 2018.

 - Saturday, 3/10/2018: 11/12s and 15/16s
 - Sunday, 3/11/2018: 13/14s and 17/18s

- 11/12s Division
- 13/14s Division
- 15/16s Division
- 17/18s Division
- Playoff Brackets - All Divisions

If you have any questions, please email:

REGISTERED TEAMS (as of 3/7/2018)

11/12s - 3/10/2018 - 20 Team Tournament: held in the KM HS Gyms.
KVBC 11s
KVBC 12-1s
KVBC 12-2s
Southside Juniors 12-1
KW Club 12 Red
KW Club 12 Black
Byron 12-1
RP Juniors 12 Green
RP Juniors 12 Gold
PI Rage 11-1
PI Rage 12-1
RYVA 12-1
Atomic Force 12-2s
Medford 11s
Medford 12s
Club Falcons 11-1s
Club Falcons 12s
Venom 12s
Waseca Fusion 12-1s
Waseca Fusion 12-2s

13/14s - 3/11/2018 - 32 Team Tournament: 13s held in the KM Elem Gyms. 14s held in the KM HS Gyms.
KVBC 13-1s
KVBC 14-1s
PEM Kaboom - 13U
PEM Kaboom - 14U
Southside Juniors 13-1
Southside Juniors 14-1
Matrix 13 Red
Matrix 14 Red
KW Club 13s
Falcon Fire 14s
Venom 14-2s
Northfield 14-1
Northfield 14-2
Byron 14-White
RP Juniors 14 Gold
RP Juniors 14 Green
PI Rage 13-1
PI Rage 14-1
Hastings Heat 14s
Zumaz 13-Lightning
Zumaz 14-Thunder
Medford 13s
Medford 14s
Black River Falls 14s
Waseca Fusion 14-1
Falcon Fever 14s
Defenders 14s
KVBC 12-1s
Knightro 14s
Eyota 13s
Eyota 14s

15/16s - 3/10/2018 - 24 Team Tournament: Held in the KM Elem Gyms and the KM MS Gym.
Eyota 16s
Southside Juniors 16-1
LA Diggers 16s
Matrix 15 Red
Matrix 15 Black
Matrix 16 Red
KW Club 15s
KW Club 16s
G-Force Elite 16s
Falcon Fire 16s
OYVBA 15 Blue
OYVBA 15 Silver
Northfield 16s
Club Krush 16s
RP Juniors 16s
PI Rage 16-2
Hayfield Sundogs 15s
PEM Kaboom 16U
PEM Kaboom 15U Gold
PEM Kaboom 15U Black
WEM 16-1
Medford 16s
Knightro 16s
Lake City 16-1

17/18s - 3/11/2018 - 12 Team Tournament: Held in the KM MS Gym.
Matrix 17 Red
Matrix 18 Black
KW Club 17s
WEM 17-1
Medford 18s
Venom 17s
Falcon Fever 17s
Knightro 18s
Houston Slammers 17
KVBC 15-1s
Mabel Canton 17s
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